Flight simulation software for the Logitech Flight Instrument Panel

Hello aviation simulation enthusiasts! My name is John, and I am a private pilot. I built my own flight simulator setup to train for my instrument rating. The simulator was built with Logitech’s simulator components, including flight instrument panel modules. These modules are great, as the instrumentation readouts and controls are separate from the computer/monitor running the flight simulator software: it’s too cumbersome to have to click using the mouse on a virtual instrument panel displayed on the computer monitor.

For my instrument rating, I needed a GPS in the flight simulation. I usually fly a Cessna 182 with a Garmin G1000 instrument panel, so I wanted to use a G1000 module in the flight simulator. I was frustrated with the G1000 module in FSX, as it has limited functionality and the inconvenience of having to click with the mouse and view the instrument panel on the computer monitor. The only other option was to buy an expensive custom G1000 instrument panel.

I started Simgeneering to create and distribute software for the Logitech flight instrument panel. The software is designed emulate the functionality of the G1000 on the flight instrument panel screen, and use the flight instrument panel buttons and dials to control the G1000 simulation. This gives the convenience of an external controller without the expense of a custom instrument panel. Simgeneering has a G1000 PFD module, G1000 MFD module, and G1000 Engine Display module available for purchase.