Change to SPAD.Next

Change to SPAD.Next

The latest version of SPAD.Next contains a change that means that the Simgeneering G1000 software can no longer connect to SPAD.Next. An update of the Simgeneering software will be made in the coming weeks however there is a temporary solution to continue to use SPAD.Next with the G1000 simulator.

In SPAD.Next, go to Settings->Application Settings->MSFS 2020 and turn on “MSFS:Enable FlyByWire CDU websocket”, see below:

Next, go into the config.xml file in the G1000 simulator directory and change the setting <SPADNEXTPORT> to 8088, and save the file. The G1000 simulator should now work again with SPAD.Next. Please contact if you have any further questions.

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